The World of Etiquette According to Chelsea

First Contact and Screening

I prefer a brief introduction on first contact.  You don’t need to offer an extensive biography, but a few sentences with a brief description and maybe a “hello” is always nice.


My preferred screening is through p411.  I can also be contacted via Date-Check and The Erotic Review.  Screening through one of these sites is easiest and usually involves a reference or two (although not always).  To expedite the process, it is extremely helpful if you offer that information in your first e-mail.  Please remember to include any information that would help the lady remember you.  For instance, if you have not contacted the woman via an email at any point, your email address will not help her identify you.  Helpful information in this regard includes:  name, number, handle, approximate date and location of appointment.

I also offer alternative screening.  It does involve my getting some personal information.   A business card texted to me is usually sufficient for this type of screening.  I understand this is a touchy subject for some.  I keep no information on anyone, not even in my phone.  In fact, I will probably forget this information about two seconds after our appointment.


Negotiating price is awkward and just a terrible way to begin an erotic encounter.  Nothing less erotic than being told you are not worth it.   If you make me feel special, I will do my best to make you feel special. .



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